Metal Powders  
Speciality Metals offers a full range of metal powders.

We are able to offer a unique facility in the supply of Metal Powders, designed to cater for:

  • Research and development scale batches, 30-150 KGS.
  • Production size batches, 250-5000 KGS.
  • A wide choice of metals and metal alloys, and of size ranges 15-500 microns.
  • Inert gas, air and water atomization.

Ni Powders

For over 15 years Speciality Metals has been a proud representative for Vale Ni based products in Southern Africa. Please visit their website for technical information as well as product related information here.

Considerable Expertise

Our manufacturers, production and technical personnel are highly experienced in atomisation of metals and offer Speciality Metals customers full technical support and product development.

Quality and Customer Care

Stringent cleanliness procedures are employed in conjunction with ISO 9001 quality systems to ensure the integrity and quality of each batch of powder.

This is critical in a facility manufacturing powders in high purity metals, ferrous alloys, non-ferrous alloys and precious metals.

Speciality Metals works with companies and research organisations worldwide. We are able to assist with both large and small customers of metal powders with their requirements for regular batches of powder and in supporting their research and development programmes.

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