Speciality Metals is continually in the market for the following grades of Tungsten containing scrap for processing in our facilities in South Africa.

Cutting tool inserts, End Mills. Free of steel and deleterious material, free of Cermets and ceramics. Solid Carbide Drills.
  Mining Grades
Soft rock, Hard rock, Rock Drills - Dog houses, buttons - compacts, Blade inserts. WC + Co free of deleterious materials.
  Wear Parts
Rings, burs, mechanical seals, plates, strips, etc. Wc + Co, free of deleterious materials and attachments free of steel.

Powder Wc + Cos
W = 65% min
Co = 6% min
Fe = 1% max
Ni = 0.5% max

Free of Cu, B4C, Cr2C3 We purchase scrap mining tools containing Tungsten Scrap, Tricones, Threaded Bits and PDC Oil Field Bits. Speciality Metals has an excellent reputation for offering prompt settlement and quick turn-around times on out turn results. Please contact us with your request at
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