High Temperature Thermal Processing
Industry's demand for high-performance materials has led to the development of sophisticated thermal processing furnaces that produce controlled-vacuum and pressure environments over a wide range of temperatures. Centorr Vacuum Industries has been in the forefront of this technology for over 40 years. Our furnaces make new materials with tailored properties possible, and provide existing materials with vastly improved performance characteristics. We use processes ranging from sintering, brazing, annealing and melting, to hot pressing, diffusion bonding, Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), degassing and other advanced materials treating methods. Remember the winning combination of Competence, Versatility and Innovation and rely on Centorr Vacuum Industries for all of your high temperature processing needs, from laboratory testing and pilot plant applications through to full batch semi-continuous and continuous production-scale furnaces.

  System VII™ / Super VII™ Multipurpose Furnaces
  • Melt, braze, sinter, heat treat and weld.
  • Interchangeable accessories.
  • Modular vacuum chambers, pumping systems and controls. 500° C to 2300° C in 6" x 6" x 15" and 8" x 8" x 20" horizontal metal and graphite hot zones (to 3000° C in 4.5" x 7" vertical option). Hydrogen kit, liquid quench and fast gas cooling. Diffusion, turbomolecular and cryogenic pumps. Automatic controls, programming and data logging.
  Workhorse® Furnaces
  • Dedicated brazing, heat treating and annealing furnaces. 12" wide by 12" high by 12", 24" or 36" long hot zones. Choice of metal or graphite heating elements with 2- or 4-side heating, temperatures to 2300° C. Gas quenching capability, coupled with full cycle process control provides in-place hardening and tempering for a wide range of materials.
  Sinterbar™ Multi-Mode Furnaces
  • Combine vacuum, partial pressure or flowing gas atmosphere and pressurization (up to 1500 psig/100 bar) modes in one chamber. Use to degas, remove binder, presinter and consolidate under pressure in one continuous process cycle. Lab sizes to production scale, 1450°, 1650°, and 2200° C. Heater designed for uniform load temperatures. Automatic temperature sensors cover complete operating range.
  Hot Press Furnaces
  • Combine resistance or induction heated dies and hydraulic rams with vacuum chamber to press powder mixes or diffusion bond solid parts. Temperatures to 2300° C; metal and graphite hot zones. Press ratings to 400 tons; hot ejection option. Operation in vacuum and inert gas. Laboratory and production sizes; compacts to 150 mm diameter. Automatic temperature/force control and programming.
  Testorr™ Materials Testing Furnaces
  • Provides a variety of tightly controlled, elevated-temperature environments for materials testing within the confines of a standard testing frame. Choice of five interchangeable hot zones, each with its own thermal and atmosphere capabilities. Uniform specimen temperatures of 300°C to 2300°C in a wide range of atmospheres. Temperature control accuracy is ±0.01 % of full scale. Available pressure ranges from 10-1 torr to 2 psig.
  Belt Furnaces
  • Hot zone lengths are customized to suit production requirements, size range from R&D to production. Operating temperatures of up to 2300° C, utilizing Tungsten, Tantalum or Graphite. Repeatable temperature profiles on every component processed. Process gases of Ar, N2, H2 and He are utilized. Patented belt systems are available in Tungsten mesh or Silicone Carbide and Graphite belt.
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