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Tungsten Products: Cast Tungsten Carbide Powders
Tungcast Cast Tungsten Carbide, commonly referred to as W2C, is an extremely hard material used in a variety of applications. With a eutectic structure, high melting point and hardness, which aid in wear protection and wear resistance properties. The material is manufactured from a blend of carbon, tungsten and tungsten carbide powders and is silver / grey in colour with a sharp blocky particle shape.

Applications include

  • Diamond Drilling Tools
  • Drill Pipe Stabilisers
  • Agricultural ToolS
  • Industrial Diamond Tools
  • Grinding Tools
  • Wear Protection

Quality checks including sizing, particle shape and chemical composition are undertaken prior to delivery.

14 x 24 Mesh
16 x 40 Mesh
18 x 40 Mesh
80 x 200 Mesh
75 x 125 Micron
Other sizes available on request

Carbon Total 3.8 - 4.0% Tungsten Balance
Carbon Free 0.08% max Density 16 - 17 g/cm3
Fe 0.5% max Melting Point 2525ºC
Co 0.3% max Hardness 93.0 – 93.7 HRA
Total Impurities 0.8% max
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