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Wear Protection Products: Tungcast Floppy

Tungcast Floppy is a nickel cored flexible rod coated with both fused tungsten carbide (FTC) and NiCrBSi developed for oxyacetylene welding. The deposited alloy consists of approximately 65% FTC and 35% NiCrBSi matrix with a deposit hardness of 45 HRc. The overlay is highly resistant to acids, bases and other corrosive media and excessive wear conditions. The rod has a low melting range of between 950 - 1050°C (1.742-1.922°F) and characteristically it wets easily and flows extremely well producing a smooth, clean welded surface.


Hardfacing of ferritic and austenitic steels (steel castings), overlaying mixer blades, screws & conveyors in the chemical, dye and food industries and can also be used for stabilizer blades in the petroleum industry.

Preparation and Preheating

Every surface to be hardfaced with Tungcast Floppy must be clean and free of oxidation, dirt or other surface contamination. In some instances, a slight grinding operation might be necessary. All edges must be cleaned by grinding. To increase the wettability and to avoid any oxidation during the hardfacing with Tungcast Floppy, apply a buffer layer of NiCrBSi powder of about 0.05mm thickness on the surface.

  • Preheat the part to about 300 - 350°C.
  • Heat a small area to allow the buffer layer to melt, then apply Tungcast Floppy, and when it flows it will carry with it the tungsten carbide particles. The torch flame must form an angle of about 45°.
  • At first all edge applications should be done, then an additional centre pass may be added.
  • The flame must be directed onto the Tungcast Floppy Rod.
  • The wire must be completely melted by the torch. The melting of the wire will transfer the proper bonding temperature to adhere permanently to the base material.
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