Wear Protection Products: High Performance Tungsten Carbide Raw Materials
Tungsten Carbide is one of the hardest minerals known to man with hardness in excess of 90HRC and melting at a temperature in excess of 2000°C.

Tungsten Carbide is effectively utilized to protect equipment against abrasive wear in most ground engaging applications and can be supplied in a variety of formats for ease of application.

Areas of Application

The following industries currently enjoy the benefits of protecting their equipment using our products:

  • Chrome, Manganese and Iron Ore Mining
  • Coat and Ash Handling and Loading
  • Raise boring, Blast Hole and Water Drilling
  • Brick and Construction Industry
  • Waste Processing and Shredding
  • Road Construction and Civil Engineering
  • Alluvial Mining and Earth Moving
  • Ferry Alloy Production and Processing
  • Dredging and Reclamation
  • Refractory Lining
  • Coal Fired Power Stations
  • Crushing and Screening
  • Continuous Mining
  • Foundry Sand Mixing
  • Brick and Tile Fabrication
  • Concrete missing
  • Clay Quarrying
  • Graphite Regeneration
  • Oil Field Industry
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