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Speciality Metals is a leading South African manufacturer of Tungsten Carbide products and suppliers of a wide range of abrasive wear solutions. Established in 1992, Speciality Metals has extensive expertise in foundry alloy, powder metallurgy, hard metals and equipment supplies in addition to our Tungsten Carbide products.

Speciality Metals is committed to quality, making use of our knowledge of raw materials to continually develop new products and processes. Tungsten Carbide is one of the toughest minerals on earth, stiffer than steel and denser than titanium. Its extreme strength and wear-resistance makes it the most effective component for the protection of equipment. Learn more about Tungsten Carbide.

Speciality Metals is a certified metal trader and stockist. In February 2009 the company implemented ISO9001 quality management system for:
  • The manufacture of hard metals, Tungsten Carbide Grit and composite rod for cutting, wear and abrasion resistance


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